Research Proposal

Grail and Guardant Health-News


To identify and summarize news articles on Grail and Guardant Health from the last two years.

Early Findings

  • In the last 2 years, Grail has published 8 press releases, including some on appointments of key staff and some on research they have conducted related their technology for detecting cancer.
  • Guardant Health has published 31 press releases in the past year on topics such as company financial info and data supporting the company's technology for
  • A recent article published on TechCrunch briefly discusses Grail, its funding and recent advances in the company's technology, but is focused more on one of its competitors, Freenome.
  • Another article, published on Stat News, is specifically focused on Grail and discusses the early results of research into the test being developed by the company.
  • A recent article on Seeking Alpha discusses the author's reasons for believing the company is a good investment, including information on their technology for liquid biopsy.
  • Several articles, such as this one, discuss both Grail and Guardant Health, typically comparing the developments of the two companies in the cancer detection space or comparing their financial information, such as funding.
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