Successful Grant-Making Foundation Engagement Campaigns


To understand how grant-making foundations are successfully engaging and activating their more influential audiences (politicians, media, wonks, thought leaders in the NGO sector) online to take a stand or other action for their cause by providing examples of "campaigns" that follow one of these use cases (to exclude the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) of:

encouraging influential audiences to sign up for a single event/webinar/stakeholder call,
encourage (them) to fund a specific or broad issue,
encourage (them) to read up on curation of articles/research on a specific issue or gain (their) attention to provide timely point-of-views on a specific issue

in order to inform the creation of a campaign landing page template (design) for a large grant-making foundation.

Early Findings

Our initial research on successful grant-making foundation engagement campaigns revealed insights here are key pieces of information we found:

Successful Grant-Making Foundation Engagement Campaigns

Case Foundation:

Research proposal:

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