Research Outline

Demographic Analysis of Graphic Designers


To understand the demographics of graphic designers in terms of age, income, gender, and salary/income statistics.

Early Findings


  • In graphic design, the average employee age is 40.8.
  • The average age of male designers in the workforce is 41.3, and of female designers is 39.8.


  • Most people practicing graphic design have a bachelor's degree. The most common areas of study include Advertising, Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Commercial Art And Graphic Design,
  • Out of all graphic designers, 9% of hold a degree in Fine Arts, 4% in Commercial Art And Graphic Design, 3% in Advertising and 17% in Graphic Design
  • A vast majority of graphic designers, 62%, have a bachelor's degree, while 29% the have a certificate or associate degree.
  • Of the total industry population of graphic designers, 90% are freelance graphic designers


  • In terms of gender composition for designers (in general), male designers are 420,000 (55%), while female counterparts are 366,000 (45%).
  • Gor graphic designers, 63% are female and while 37% are male.

Ethnic Composition

  • The White make up the largest group of graphic designers at 53% of the population. The Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish make up 11% of the total population, while East Asians are 9% of the total population.


  • As of May 2018, the median pay was $50,370, with the lowest 10 percent earning less than $29,610, and the highest 10 percent earning more than $85,760.
  • The median annual wages broken down by the top industries that the graphic designers engage in were as follows; i) Advertising, public relations, and related services ($51,380), ii) Specialized design services (51,320), iii) Newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishers (43,450), and iv) Printing and related support activities (40,170).