Grating Companies - Competitive Landscape


Understand the competitive landscape of Nucor Grating, Grating Systems, and IKG Gratings including founding date, location, markets, billings, and what sets them apart.

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Nucor Grating Analysis

  • Details for Nucor Grating have been provided in the attached spreadsheet.
  • Nucor Grating has been in business headquartered in Burlington, Ontario since 1954.
  • The company mostly offers services in North America, however, they do supply products internationally to South America and Asia.
  • In 2018, the companies net sales hit $25,067,279, a 24% increase from 2017.
  • The company has been cited as a leader in "Safety, Environment, Recycling and Workforce Relations." In addition, Nucor Grating uses special equipment and tactics to ensure quality in every product. The company stores ready to ship products in strategically placed warehouses for fast delivery. They also provide customization services that can be manufactured in Imperial or Metric measurements.

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