Green Project Finance


To obtain an in-depth understanding of green projects in the EMEA region covering how they are selected, funded, and published as well as the roles of the key actors and professionals responsible for creating, structuring, and managing such projects.

Early Findings

  • Smart Water meters, a critical water conservation tool used in tracking water usage and combating waste and leakage, has been installed in 6.4 million households in the EMEA. The adoption of this particular water conservation tool is growing at a CAGR of 14%.
  • According to a recent report by Bloomberg, at least $30.7 trillion of funds have been poured into sustainable or green investments globally — representing a 34% increase from 2016. Europe alone is responsible for 48% of the world's investment in sustainable or green investments totaling 1$4 trillion.
  • In 2018, "green bonds" were the most popular method of financing green projects representing about 70% of all investments into green or sustainable projects globally.

Research proposal:

Only the project owner can select the next research path.
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