Gregory Doria Media Appearances


  • To find media apperances/mentions, interviews of Gregory Doria, as the vice president marketing of Lincoln Electric.

Early Findings

  • We were able to find one speech Gregory Doria gave at a conference in the past. The topic of this speech was welding, not marketing. It was given at the American Welding Society (AWS) 15th Annual Aluminum Welding Conference, which took place on Sept. 18 and19, 2012 in Seattle, Washington.
  • We searched through both Lincoln Electric's press release pages, the event pages for American Welding Society (AWS) Annual Aluminum Welding Conferences for years after 2012, and industry publications for articles about Gregory Doria as the Vice President of marketing for Lincoln Electric but did not find any information. There were mentions of Gregory Doria, but they were all related to welding and not marketing.
  • We were able to find information about two marketing approaches used by Lincoln Electric: purpose-focused content marketing and influencer marketing.
  • This interview with Craig Coffey, Lincoln Electric's former marketing director, discusses the company's commitment to purpose-focused content marketing. This marketing approach serves multiple purposes: it allows Lincoln Electric to give back, it builds the company's reputation, and it serves at a great morale-booster for employees, giving them a sense of purpose.
  • Through its purpose-focused content marketing, Lincoln Electric has bee able to "tell stories that resonate" with its customer base. The company has partnered with Boys Town's TradeLife program to teach at-risk youth how to weld, with former NFL player John "The Builder" Malaki to raise awareness of and funds for It's About the Warrior Foundation, and with Krystal Hess and Motorcycle Missions.
  • This May 2019 article discusses how Lincoln Electric, under the guidance of Craig Coffey, created a social media influencer marketing program for itself through the creation of an event called Spring Make. This event targeted makers: woodworkers, welders and blacksmiths, and makers in related disciplines who already were or wanted to become content creators and influencers. Spring Make's 135 paid attendees spent two days "growing talent, building relationships, making connections, and learning something new" that benefited both Lincoln Electric and the makers.
  • Craig Coffey left Lincoln Electric for Ohio Cat in October 2019.
Summary of the Findings:
  • During this hour of research, we were not able to find any recent interviews, articles, or mentions of Gregory Doria, Vice President of Marketing at Lincoln Electric, related to marketing or any other topic. We were, however, able to find information about two current and on-going marketing campaigns Lincoln Electric is using. Both of these campaigns were started under Gregory Doria's former boss. It is possible that as vice president of marketing at the time these campaigns were conceived, developed, and launched, Gregory Doria was in some way involved with them and may be able to provide insight on them.

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