Gregory Doria - Marketing Experience


To learn about Gregory Doria's marketing experience.

Early Findings

  • According to his LinkedIn profile page, Gregory Doria's first position with The Lincoln Electric Company was as a Marketing Specialist "responsible for Web Content development, product marketing campaign development, special marketing projects."
  • He held this position from September 1999, when he was first hired by Lincoln Electric, through June 2001. Gregory Doria left this marketing position to enter Technical Sales Trainee training through Lincoln Electric.
  • Gregory Doria served as a technical sales representative, Director of Global Sales, Director of Global Sales and Technical Services, before becoming Lincoln Electric's US West Regional Manager in October 2014. As the US West Regional Manager, he managed the company's national sales strategy.
  • In June 2017, Gregory Doria became Lincoln Electric's Director of Global Industry Segments. This position involved marketing or collaborating with the marketing department but was not strictly a marketing position.
  • Gregory Doria did not work in marketing again in an official capacity until August 2019 when he became Lincoln Electric's Vice President of Marketing. He is currently still employed in this position.
  • Gregory Doria list of college activities and societies, as included on his LinkedIn profile page, mention athletics, band, and academic achievements but do not mention activities, societies, or organizations related to or involving marketing.
  • Gregory Doria has received 84 marketing endorsements on his LinkedIn profile page, 25 of which are from are or were colleagues at Lincoln Electric.

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