Research Outline

Grocery Circulars: Direct Mail


Obtain some of the major companies that mail local grocery circulars in the U.S. Obtain also the details of their mailing process, their geographical reach within the U.S. in terms of the number of people they mail to, and other data such as the states, cities, or other relevant statistics. Obtain also specific information on the grocery circulars being sent, a link to the website, and what sets them apart from the other companies.

Early Findings

Grocery Circulars: Direct Mail

Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc.

  • Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc. sends grocery marketing materials to various target customers around the United States.
  • The company's "Blue Envelope" contains grocery coupons from various stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, and other major retailers.
  • The company's "Blue Envelope" is sent monthly to around 39 million targeted homes in 45 states in the U.S.
  • The company highlighted that its service enables people to save, business to flourish, and communities to prosper.

Summary of Findings:

Our one hour of research provided the details of Valpak Direct Marketing, a company in the U.S. that provides mailing services for grocery coupons and flyers.