Online Grocery Delivery Industry


To understand general market data on the grocery e-commerce industry and the grocery services that pick, pack, and deliver groceries (Instacart, Shipt, etc.) and those that offer grocery e-commerce services that look as if they are branded by the retailers’ identity/website (Instacart Unata, Mercatus, etc.); specifically information on the size and growth of the grocery e-commerce industry, the size and growth of the grocery delivery/fulfillment services, the number of grocery chains that exist, a list of the top 25 chains and the number of stores they operate as well as what they offer for e-commerce and order fulfillment, the top products purchased via e-commerce grocery vs. top products purchased via brick and mortar grocery, the percentage of products purchased via e-commerce that end up being out of stock, the percentage of products purchased via e-commerce that are incorrectly fulfilled (damaged, mistaken, etc.), the U.S. average cost of grocery order, the top U.S. markets with largest and smallest average grocery orders, the demographic of online grocery shopper (gender, age, average income) and a comparison with past years, and examples of grocery e-commerce platforms (besides GrocerKey) that serve advertisements in their platform.

Early Findings

Market Size and Growth Online Grocery Industry

Insights Online Grocery Delivery Industry

  • According to Grocery Dive, "the average online order across ship-to-home, delivery and pickup has reached $70 this year, a growth of 6%. Looking at just home delivery and pickup, the average order grew to over $100."
  • Grocery Dive also mentioned that "home delivery accounts for 22% of all online grocery orders, followed by grocery pickup (28%), with ship-to-home capturing 50%."
  • Walmart had 62% more customers than its nearest competitor, Instacart. After Walmart and Instacart follow Amazon Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, Shipt, Fresh Direct, and Peapod.

Summary of Findings

  • During the initial hour of research, we focused on finding figures for the market size and growth of the Online Grocery Industry.
  • Information on the market size of this industry as well as its growth was found and presented above as well as some insights that could help estimate the size of the online grocery delivery services market.
  • Please note that further research scoped below does not include all the information requested. We have mentioned what research Wonder can commence with. For the additional information that was not included, kindly contact Wonder's Customer Service.

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