Research Outline

Top Guitar Influencers


To provide a list and details of the top influencers in the guitar playing and buying industry, with focus on Gibson and Fender guitar brands.

Early Findings

The initial round of research indicates that there is a wealth of information available on the topic of guitar influencers. However, our research also indicates that public information about brand affiliation of influencers may be limited.


  • The required information with the columns has been presented in the form of a Google spreadsheet. The attached spreadsheet lists the columns along with the names of two prominent guitar influencers: Arthur Lewanika and Sara Niemietz.
  • Arthur Lewanika is a UK-based professional graphics and web designer, IT specialist, guitarist, and music producer who has composed over 700 guitar instrumentals. He often collaborates with other artists. The follower count across his social media channels are as follows: YouTube (25.1k subscribers), Facebook (3.5k followers), Twitter (430.6k followers), and Instagram (441k followers).
  • Sara Niemietz is a US-based guitarist, singer, composer, and actress who has several songs, compositions, and stage performances to her credit. She has also composed for several movies and TV shows like Exorcism of Emily Rose, Gilmore Girls, and Glee, among others. The follower count across her social media channels are as follows: YouTube (148k subscribers), Facebook (97k followers), and Instagram (23.7k followers).

Summary of the Initial Round of Research

  • During the one hour allotted for our initial research, we were able to create the Google spreadsheet, conduct research on the availability of information, and also present the names of two popular guitar influencers. For presenting the names of other prominent guitar influencers, we recommend further research.
  • Details on our recommended research paths have been provided in our proposals below. Please check the proposal boxes to kickstart further research.