Gym Market


To understand the market size of the gym industry and the key leaders in market for a possible investment in a new gym concept.

Early Findings



Proposed next steps:

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If the above examples fit what you are looking for, we propose proceeding with a competitive landscape of the three main gym chains in the US - LA Fitness, Life Time Fitness, and 24 Hour Fitness. This will include an overview of who they are (including headquarters, date founded, and so on), the number of locations they have in the US, their pricing, competitive advantage, and target audience.
We recommend a description of about 5 trends in the US gym landscape as this might help understand the industry. This will include any data on newer gym chains and how they've been able to grow.
In addition, a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of the US gym industry might help understand what to avoid and what to capitalize on if investing in a new gym. STRENGTHS will include positive characteristics of the industry such as what advantages the industry has over disruptors or other industries, WEAKNESSES will factor in the failures or disappointments the industry experienced and any decline in growth and what caused this, OPPORTUNITIES will include new market trends and changes in technology that open up new possibilities, and THREATS will be from disruptors or other unrelated obstacles that the industry is currently facing such as laws, technologies, money, legal factors, economic factors, and so on.