Hal Target Market


To identify Hal's target market/people who are interested in the company's vision, willing to pay $10 a month, and easy to reach. Then, build the demographic and psychographic profiles of this target market.

Early Findings

Personal Assistant Users in the United States

  • About 80.5% of adults aged 18-29 used a smartphone-based voice personal assistant.
  • Amongest the people aged 30-44 in the United States, 74.7% use a smartphone-based voice personal assistant.
  • Nearly 68.8% of Americans aged 45- 60 said they’ve used a smartphone-based voice assistant, compared to about 60.5% for the oldest age group (60+).
  • In 2019, eMarketer estimated "that 111.8 million people in the US will use a voice assistant at least monthly, up 9.5% from last year. This is equivalent to 39.4% of internet users and 33.8% of the total population."


  • The initial research indicated that the demographic and psychographic profile for people who are interested in the company's vision, willing to pay $10 a month, and easy to reach is publicly unavailable. Thus, we created an alternative path to understand who are the real people to target when starting the company's next steps: we will identify the demographics and psychographics for personal assistant users in the United States and Canada. Then, for the demographics identified, we will find the psychographic profile for the demographic cohort in the four cities where the company is based (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Toronto).
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Research proposal:

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