Brand Base


To establish if a line extension does influence a brand’s base offering.

Early Findings

Supporting Eco-Friendly Product Variants

  • Supporting eco-friendly product variants is beneficial as it can halo back to the base counterparts. In recent times, surveys have proven that consumers are willing to invest in eco-friendly brands and even pay extra for in sustainably-produced products.
  • According to an analysis conducted by the Center for Business Studies(CBS), purchasing data on the sales volume of over 70,000 products in 36 different classifications of consumer package goods showed that consumers preferred sustainably-marketed items.
  • Products and items advertised in criteria such as non-GMO or plant-based led to 50% growth, between 2013 and 2018.

CPG Eco-friendly Variants to Grow HH Penetration

  • Consumer packaged goods (CPG), increase their demand if they are marketed as a sustainable or eco-friendly product, especially in household (HH) penetration.
  • An ideal example would be Seventh Generation, a company based in Vermont, that is keen on creating sustainable house cleaning products using natural, recyclable or renewable materials.
  • When manufacturers use sustainable or eco-friendly ingredients, consumers translate it as a way of showing care to people and the planet, while making profits for the greater good.

Tide Pure Line

  • The new Tide Pure Line popularly known as Tide Purclean has increased interest in consumers as it is a 75% plant-based detergent and has been certified by the USDA BioPreffered program.
  • According to an article published by CNBC, consumer goods company Procter & Gambler is expanding, and this means that they have continued to appeal to consumers nationwide.

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