Research Outline

Private Label Industrial/Automotive Cleaning Manufacturers


To find a list of white label industrial/automotive cleaning manufacturers.

Early Findings

Based on the description provided for the service in question ["I need to find a factory that would know how to produce something like this (i.e., a headlight automotive cleaning product)"], we researched for white label industrial and automotive cleaning suppliers, particularly white label manufacturers that provide custom formulation as part of their services. To be thorough, we also researched to see if there is any information available about TurtleWax's chemical manufacturer(s), but we found no such information in the public domain.

Custom Formulators

Existing Formulations

  • Claire Manufacturing is a chemical aerosol manufacturer that offers white label services. They do not offer custom fomulation. Although none of their products are specifically listed as a headlight cleaner, they do offer multiple, industrial-level cleaning products for acrylic and plastic.
  • Nyco Products is a chemical cleaning product manufacturer that offers private lavel services. Nyco offers cleaning supplies for the automotive and boating industries, among others. Although they do not offer custom formulation, it appears their product Detail Demon might be a suitable headlight cleaning product.