Research Outline

A Preliminary List of Health Equity And Disparities Startups In The U.S


We are reporting a brief description of the product offering, revenues, business model, and traction (e.g. contracts, pilots, partnerships) with health plans for the following companies: Healthify, Unite Us, Henry Health, CityBlock Health, and Health in Her Hue.

Early Findings

  • This shareable Spreadsheet provides, in columns: founded year, brief description, product offering, revenue (if possible), business model, type of traction (e.g. contracts, pilots, partnerships) with health plans, and 3 potential direct competitors (if possible).


We conducted in-depth online searches using search engines and specific market/business analysis websites. If some information was not readily available, we tried to triangulate it by using additional sources. Additionally, we provide a preliminary competitive analysis of 3 top competitors to complement this analysis.