A Preliminary List of Health Equity And Disparities Startups In The U.S


We are reporting a brief description of the product offering, revenues, business model, and traction (e.g. contracts, pilots, partnerships) with health plans for the following companies: Healthify, Unite Us, Henry Health, CityBlock Health, and Health in Her Hue.

Early Findings

  • This shareable Spreadsheet provides, in columns: founded year, brief description, product offering, revenue (if possible), business model, type of traction (e.g. contracts, pilots, partnerships) with health plans, and 3 potential direct competitors (if possible).


We conducted in-depth online searches using search engines and specific market/business analysis websites. If some information was not readily available, we tried to triangulate it by using additional sources. Additionally, we provide a preliminary competitive analysis of 3 top competitors to complement this analysis.

Proposed next steps:

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This analysis will be followed up by a similar analysis starting by the 3 competitors we provided per startup (and the next 2-3 competitors, if available), and finally selecting an additional 10-15 companies that are also U.S-based and startups, and subjected to the same analysis.
Alternatively, we will look at the investors of these startups and see what other startups they have been investing in recent years, trying to bring an additional 10-15 startups that will finally be subjected to the same profiling analysis.