Natural Supplement Industry


An assessment of the health and medicinal beverage and supplement industry, specifically the opportunities and obstacles in the market, as well as the selling points (health claims they make), products, price points, recent news, and influencers key players like MudWtr (, Moon Juice, and Wyld One, among others, have worked with.

Early Findings

The health and medicinal beverage and supplement industry, including products like mushroom tea, is under the nutraceuticals industry.

Mud\Wtr (

  • Mud\Wtr is a coffee alternative that is made with organic ingredients. The brand's tagline is "Your new morning ritual."
  • It claims its products only have 1/7th of the caffeine found in coffee. These products offer natural energy and focus without caffeine side effects like the crash and jitters.
  • One unique thing Mud/Wtr does is that it lists the key ingredients found in its products and describes the benefits of each ingredient. Lions Mane - its main ingredient - supports memory and focus.
  • Reishi - another key ingredient - has a variety of benefits, including providing immune support and calming effects.
  • According to the brand, its products are 100% USDA Certified Organic.

Moon Juice

  • Moon Juice describes its products as "intelligent self care." It mentions that it brings the "plants, science, and wisdom."
  • The brand also claims that it utilizes "pure, unadulterated ingredients that pass through 3 rounds of testing."
  • It never uses endocrine disruptors or ingredients that disrupt the environment. Its ingredients are cruelty-free, 100% free from toxins, easily absorbed in the gut, and easily assimilated.
  • Its formulas are potent as they contain "high concentrations of clinically proven ingredients."

Wylde One

  • Wylde One offers potent adaptogenic elixirs created with "powerful plant-based ingredients."
  • The company claims its products are designed to help customers "transform and optimize [their] daily wellbeing."

Four Sigmatic

  • According to the brand, Four Sigmatic foods are the "100 most nutrient dense, most studied foods on the planet." It now makes it easy to add these foods to daily routines.
  • Four Sigmatic claims its products do not cause jitters, sugar highs, and hangovers, despite being coffee-based.
  • The brand uses the highest quality ingredients, which have been lab tested and rigorously researched.


  • YouTheory claims it combines ancient wisdom and modern science.
  • Its products reportedly have 100% daily value of "vitamin C, D3 and Zinc + clinically supported Wellmune."
  • Its wide range of products include collagen, turmeric, maca, and probiotic supplements and powder.
  • YouTheory mentions that its ingredients are pure, safe, and effective.


  • Within the initial hour of research, we provided some of the selling points and health claims made by the specified brands.
  • Two additional brands - Four Sigmatic and YouTheory - have also been added to the list because they are some of the most talked about nutraceutical brands.

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