Health Impacts of RF Emissions


To obtain recent medical and public health research on the health impacts of radiofrequency (RF) emissions from Wi-Fi. Specifically, the aim is to obtain research on how these emissions affect children's health. This information would be used to determine whether to add Wi-Fi to a product being developed.

Early Findings

  • "Public Health and the Radio Frequency Radiation Emitted by Cellphone Technology, Smart Meters and WiFi": Published by the New Zealand Medical Journal in 2018, this report analyzes several studies on the impact of RF emissions on public health.
  • Susan Pockett concludes that "most studies showing no harmful effects of RF are flawed"; also, "most studies showing harmful effects of RF are flawed". A major reason behind these flawed findings is the fact that they are sometimes biased and tailored towards achieving a specific outcome. Therefore, additional and honest research is required to determine if these emissions indeed have an effect, and to what extent.
  • The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) argues that there is currently "no established scientific evidence" to prove whether low exposure to RF electromagnetic energy (EME) from Wi-fi affects the health of children or the public adversely.
  • According to the American Cancer Society, "it isn't clear what effects, if any, RF radiation has at levels of exposure too low to produce heating".
  • Catherine Roberts analyzed a recent government research that established a connection "between cell-phone radiation and cancer". In this article, Roberts concludes that "any potential harm from exposure to radiation from devices is far from certain".

Proposed next steps:

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Our background search reveals that studies conducted on the effects of RF emissions on public health and children are mostly outdated, contradictory and flawed. However, to provide credible information for your perusal, we recommend proceeding to identify 10 recent studies on the impacts of RF emissions. We would focus on providing studies conducted within the last 2 years. However, considering the scarcity of recent credible research, we may need to expand to the last 5 years.
Alternatively, we would recommend providing 5 studies that show "harmful effects" OR 5 studies that show "no harmful effects". For each study found, we would provide: 1) A summary of its findings regarding RF emissions' impacts on children's health. 2) Any available criticisms of the study's content/conclusion.