Research Outline

Health Insurance Research


To identify the top players in the health insurance segments in Malaysia and Vietnam.

Early Findings

  • In Malaysia, AIA, Great Eastern and Prudential have a combined market share of 66.7% (in terms of gross earned premium).
  • Great Eastern had a 41% market share in the Malaysian market in 2017.
  • There are many companies that offer health insurance in Malaysia, e.g. Aetna, Allianz, ExpaCare, etc.
  • AIA had a market share of 24.8% in the Malaysian market a few years back.
  • In 2018, AIA earned 6% Value of New Business (VONB) and 6% annualized new premiums from the Malaysian market.
  • There were 61 insurance companies operating in Vietnam in 2016.
  • A list of insurance companies in Vietnam can be found here.
  • "In 2016, Vietnam Insurance Market has the gross insurance premiums at about USD 3.91 billion, increasing 22.64% compared with the previous year."