Research Outline

Health Insurance Research


To get a list of top 5 health insurance providers in each of these geographical locations; Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Early Findings

Our background research unveiled the following information about the market:

Market Overview

  • The direct premiums for the health and personal accident segments amounted to 8,354 million and 28,204 million, respectively.
  • The health and personal accident segments come under the non-life insurance category; "in 2017, the top 5 companies dominated 45% market share, and top 10 companies dominated 62.17% market share." The total number of non-life insurers in Thailand is 59.

Key Players (Large Sized Insurers)

  • The top 5 players in the large insurer category of the non-life insurance segment include Viriyah Insurance (16.47%), Dhipapya Insurance (8.88%), Bangkok Insurance (7%), Muang Thai Insurance (5.51%), and Southeast Insurance (4.74%).

Direct Premiums Earned by the Players

  • The direct premiums for Dhipaya Insurance for the Personal Accident and the Miscellaneous segment (which includes health insurance) amounted to 7,596 million and 7,015 million.
  • Viriyah Insurance's miscellaneous insurance category gained 80,470 million Baht growing by 5.43 percent.
  • The total amount of direct premium earned by Muang Thai from nonlife insurance segments amounted to 12,102,960.
  • Growth premium for Bangkok Insurance's health and personal accidents segment amounted to 11.3 percent and 5.3 percent, respectively. The written premium for the miscellaneous segment for 2018 was 8,391 million.
  • Net premium earned by Southeast Insurance amounted to 5,047 million.

Types of Insurance Products

  • The miscellaneous insurance category includes solutions for IARs, public liability, personal accident, health, travel, and bail bond.

Revenue for the Year 2018

Key Players (Medium Sized Insurers)

  • The top 5 players in the medium sized insurer category of the non-life insurance segment include Deves Insurance (2.09%), Road Accident Victims Protection (1.87%), MSIG Insurance (1.71%), ThaiVivat Insurance (1.61%), and AXA Insurance (1.50%).


All the figures included in this report for all the companies are reported in Thai baht. All the figures for each of these providers are for the year 2018.
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