Health/Lifestyle Influencers


To obtain health/lifestyle influencers that have audiences that are 60-70 years old and have atrial fibrillation, that are 50-60 years old, employed and have deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism, and that are 55 years old, had a heart attack, have diabetes and are smokers for a client to show there are influencers in these areas and their reach.

Early Findings

Blogger Influencers

Our preliminary research consulted multiple lists of top influencers for the 55+ age groups.
We also used social media tools to attempt to locate influencers, but no tool that is free can hone in on a such a specific demographic.
Preliminary research also revealed that the majority of health/lifestyle bloggers are centered around healthy lifestyles and do not specifically cater to illnesses. With each list located, each influencer was analyzed to see if they might fit the needed requirements.
  • The Shelf listed top influencer that have audiences in this age group, but none were health related.
  • Media Kix had a list of the top elderly influencers on Instagram, but they were all fashion and trend related.
  • AARP also has a list of influencers. The only one remotely related to health was a influencer that discussed menopause.
  • Greatist lists the 100 most influential personalities in health and fitness. Topics covered were fitness, mental health, clean eating, yoga, meditation, and alternative medicine.
  • Currents also has a list of senior social media influencers. The topics covered were dating, travel, finances, and fashion.
  • In an effort to find heart related influencers, the American Heart Association was consulted. They did have a list of influencers, but they were on fitness and food.

Proposed next steps:

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As our initial research indicates there is very little in terms of finding influencers for this exact demographic, we recommend going forward by taking a look at popular doctors that treat these diseases and have blogs or social media accounts. We will attempt to find 5-10 doctors that have either blogs or social media accounts that cover a-fib, deep vein thrombosis, or heart attacks with the understanding that finding their specific audience (age, and that they have a certain disease) is very unlikely to be publicly available due to medical privacy laws.
Alternatively, we could perform a social media audit of Facebook for groups that cater to people who have a-fib, deep vein thrombosis, and heart attacks that are older. We will attempt to find 5-10 groups that meet these specifications.