Market Research Strategies for Healthcare Companies


To gain insights into the market research strategies for healthcare companies.

Early Findings

    • Physician Satisfaction Research to establish better ways to communicate with physicians, discover new opportunities for their growth, and improve their work-life balance.
    • Consumer Market Assessment (CMA)-which seeks to gain insights into consumers’ perceptions, ’ attitudes, and usage of an institution’s products and services.
    • Employee Engagement Research to understand employees’ experiences, attitudes, and perceptions about the hospital.
    • Ad Testing to “determine the most effective ad concept prior to a campaign launch and test for advertising recall among consumers post-launch. ”
  • Other research strategies in the healthcare industry include;
    • Branding and positioning studies
    • Awareness and knowledge of product lines
    • Patient satisfaction research
    • Community image and awareness research
    • Advertising testing and effectiveness research
    • Needs assessment studies
    • Research regarding new products/services
    • Communications concept testing

Proposed next steps:

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During the initial hour of research, we identified some market research strategies in the healthcare industry. We recommend further research to identify 2-3 case studies of healthcare companies that have performed any of the identified market research strategies to include i) an analysis of how the market research was conducted, the outcomes and any associated success metrics (e.g., increased employees engagement, customer satisfaction, etc.)
We could also proceed further to identify and discuss 3-5 challenges/obstacles faced by healthcare companies when conducting market research.