Healthcare Marketing Challenges and Opportunities


Determine the challenges and opportunities of regional healthcare networks. The information will be used in a report.

Early Findings


  • The current healthcare marketing approach combines old-school marketing techniques with newer digital marketing processes to reach its digitally-inclined customers.
  • The mixed strategy involves high-frequency "communication, engagement, and interaction.
  • The effectiveness of this combined approach will be based on the patients' assessment of their experience toward these strategies.
  • Healthcare consumers are typically the most difficult ones to please as the product or service that they are availing of revolves around healing their afflictions and reducing their pain.
  • It is often a challenge for healthcare providers to influence their patients to try the recommended product or service and attain what they expect.
  • The dynamic nature of the industry and the well-aware modern patients makes it difficult for the healthcare players to carve their competitive edges.
  • Despite this, the industry was still able to transform how they communicate with their patients in a more rewarding manner.
  • Methods such as the physician-marketer marketing partnership strategy are seen as effective ways to engage with patients.
  • With this, healthcare players are now collaborating closely with marketing experts to draft a strategy that addresses the increasing demands of their patients.
  • The ultimate objective is to enhance the experience of the patients during their entire engagement with the providers.
  • Other marketing challenges that the healthcare sector also need to deal with are the concerns around the ever-increasing number of empowered and knowledgeble patients, as well as changes in costs, regulations, and marketing channels.
  • The Advocate Aurora Health Network to remain relevant was encapsulated in this statement,"there's also some sense of "not having to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun the person next to you—and we certainly want to win in our own backyard."
  • It aims to excel in a bigger scale by transforming its core operations.
  • The health network also emphasized that it is offering its customers access to a "high-quality, safe care at a lower cost" compared to its competitors.
  • It is also drafting a strategy to overhaul the industry and reposition the health care sector to better help its patients.
  • Advocate Aurora executives also mentioned that it will work with the industry to address its customers' issues on "cost and quality and safety and service."
  • The health network also plans on deploying its density model strategy that will focus on states with large number of residents such as Milwaukee in Wisconsin and Chicagoland in Illinois.
  • Advocate Aurora Health was also able to improve its results by building up and promoting its myriad of outpatient offerings to those patients that are not anymore confined in its hospitals.
  • As a result, the company's home health visit offerings increased by 6% in 2018 versus 2017.
  • Outpatient sessions also increased by 4.7% during that same visit.
  • Physician consultations also increased by 3%.
  • It also collaborated with Foxconn to leverage the former's health experience and knowledge with the latter's technology devices.
  • The plan will involve consolidating data on Foxconn employees and going through preventive steps to transform health results.
  • The companies has plans to market this service after this endeavor.

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