Hearst Magazine


To determine the number of subscribers of Hearst Magazin

Early Findings

Hearst Magazine

  • Hearst Magazine has over 139 million monthly visitors and 225 million social media followers.
  • According to ABC, Good Housekeeping magazine had an average circulation of 433,661 per publication in the US. Considering that the magazine is published 10 times a year, this means that there are over 4.3 million UK subscribers for the magazine.
  • ABC also noted that there are about 125,141 issues circulating per publication. Elle magazine is published every month, which means that there are about 1.5 million subscribers in the UK.
  • We also found that Elle had 1.419 million print readers and over 200,000 monthly digital readers in Canada in 2017.
  • Cosmopolitan, another magazine owned by Hearts Magazine, had 32 million readers in 2019, with 12.98 million of them accessing the magazine via its mobile website.
  • In 2019, Town & Country registered a monthly readers' growth of 91 percent while the number of its mobile subscribers grew by 202 percent.

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