Heber Valley - Winter Outdoor Enthusiasts


To obtain a profile of the main outdoor enthusiasts that visit Heber Valley during the winter. The following information is relevant: average annual visitation, demographics of visitors, differentiators or special attractions, what visitors like about each destination, and digital marketing tactics. This research would be used in developing a marketing plan.

Early Findings

  • Heber Valley offers outdoor recreation throughout the year. Common activities include golf, boating, fly fishing, and watersports. Also, the valley is used for winter sports such as skiing.
  • During summer, temperatures in this region are usually cool. In winter, on the other hand, the abundant snowfall at the valley makes it a highly conducive for winter recreation.
  • One of the known destinations in this valley is the Homestead Crater, which offers "a geothermal hot spring" for visitors to scuba dive and snorkel.
  • The Ice Castle is another destination in Heber Valley, which is built using a unique technique in order to form an edifice similar to naturally occurring structures.
  • The North Pole Express is one of the most popular annual events among visitors at the Heber Valley Railroad.
  • Heber Valley has about 1,000 miles of trails, with more than "200 of them groomed". This makes it a great winter destination.
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