Research Proposal

Webb Diagnostic Technologies


To learn about the company WebbDx, in order to inform a business proposal.

Early Findings

  • Webb Diagnostic Technologies is a company dedicated to creating diagnostic solutions for emerging diseases and conditions.
  • Their most recent (and so far the only) product is the REVEALCOVID-19™, a device designed to detect antibodies in individuals who've been exposed to COVID-19. The product is said to detect antibodies within roughly one minute.
  • Webb Diagnostic Technologies has notified the FDA about its antibody detection product, but the product hasn't received Emergency Use Authorization status yet.
  • WebbDx's current CEO is John P. Mayo. The company was named after James Arrington Webb, who died in 2019.
  • WebbDx is also working with a congressman from Alabama, Robert Aderholt, to speed up the FDA approval process.
  • Two of WebbDx's competitors would be Abbott and InBios. Among its product offerings, Abbott manufactures a variety of diagnostic tools, including a portable COVID-19 detection device. InBios offers a real-time, portable COVID-19 detection kit and has recently been granted FDA approval.
  • Like WebbDx, Spartan Bioscience is also in the process of development and approval of a portable COVID-19 testing device, but this startup is located in Canada.
  • Overall, information on the company WebbDx is available, apart from its revenue and similar financial information. The company doesn't appear to already have launched marketing campaigns and is still in the process of approval.
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