Research Outline

Top RIA Firms and Independent Advisors


To obtain a list of the top 500 RIA firms and financial advisors in the United States.

Early Findings

The Barron's list originally provided was exhausted in the original research. To find additionally top ranked RIA firms, we leveraged data provided by Financial Advisor Magazine's 2019 ranking of the top RIA firms based on total assets at the end of 2018. Additionally, we leveraged the data from Barron's Top 1200 advisor's list to find additional independent advisors. The list is broken down by state, rather than an overall ranking system. The following information has been entered into the attached spreadsheet.

RIA Firms

The first 20 RIA firms ranked by Financial Advisor Magazine, not including firms previously listed are:

Independent Advisors

  • Jeff Leonard and Kurt Martens are both independent advisors for Leonard & Martens, a division of Raymond James.
  • Trevor Wilde is the managing director of Wilde Wealth Management Group. He is ranked number one in the state of Arizona.
  • Scott Horn is the president of TFO Phoenix. He is ranked number four in the state of Arizona.
  • Jacob Duffy is the managing director for the Baird Duffy Group. He is ranked 21 in the state of Arizona.