Research Outline

Marketplaces for Knowledge Workers -Temporary Contracts


To find /confirm the existence of marketplaces/staffing agencies for knowledge workers to determine if such marketplaces already exist. We are considering building one to meet the needs of employers wishing to higher knowledge workers for short-tem contracts (i.e one month, give or take).

Early Findings

    Our initial research indicates that while there have been marketplaces built for knowledge workers in a variety of positions across a range of industries and fields, none provide the exactly match the type of marketplace you are considering building. While all white collar marketplaces and staffing agencies hire professionals with degrees, none are geared toward candidates with advanced PhD degrees.
  • Freelance marketplaces for professionals, which include the companies you are not interested in (UpWork, Fiverr, and Turk), all offer similar services. None rise to the level of knowledge worker you are considering building a marketplace for. Many are geared toward a specific industry or field. Toptal and Freelancer are designed for tech. Behance is designed for designers.
  • The majority of existing employment marketplaces/staffing agencies are designed for use in blue collar professions. However, white collar professions such as office, clerical and/or administrative positions ( adminsitrative, customer service, office assistants, and some in accounting ) are also staffed by some of these agencies such as Parallel Employment Group.
  • Employement marketplaces for knowledge workers tend to be recruitment agencies looking to match employers and employees for long-term hires, The Institute of Physics provides links to several such agencies dedicated to physicists. The American Mathematical Society provides employment services for mathematicians with PhDs, but none geared toward temporary contact positions.
  • We were able to find a few marketplaces for knowledge workers that operate across a range of fields, and while they employ consultants and analysts, none specifically advertise for PhD level employees. These marketplaces also operate primarily in the Healthcare/Healthcare IT, Software IT, Tech, IT, Finance, and Professional Consulting fields. They include Accenture, Comrise, and The CSI Companies.