Research Proposal

Email Usage in the Workplace


To find out specific answers to questions related to using an email app in order to have quick facts ready for communicating important company details when asked by customers. The specific questions relate to the amount of time wasted reading emails at work, benefits of using a communications app, how many emails are reduced with use, and workers' preferences when it comes to communications.

Early Findings

How much time is wasted reading emails at work?

  • The average office worker spends 2.5 hours a day reading and responding to an average of 200 emails. Approximately 144 (mostly CCs and BCCs) aren’t relevant to their jobs. So, quick math on time “wasted” is that 144 is 72% of 200, and 72% of 2.5 hours is 1 hour and 48 minutes, which amounts to 9 hours per 5-day work week. That’s more than 1 whole workday wasted reading irrelevant emails!

Why is using an employee communications app faster/better?

  • 90% of employees will read a text message within 3 minutes of receiving it.
  • The gamification capabilities of some apps increase engagement.
  • These apps improve teamwork (especially if gamification isn’t “a battle royale”).
  • The effectiveness of communications is more easily measurable using apps.
  • Communications apps empower middle management to more fully communicate within the team and distribute job-critical information.
  • The use of apps also reduces wasted time and boosts revenue (time wasted on looking for info is cut by 15% and increases revenue per employee by 5%).

What are people's preferences when it comes to communications? (i.e. text, email, app, other media.)

  • 60.8% of survey respondents ignore emails at work.
  • 43.9% of respondents said that sending a text, not an email, is the best way to reach them.”

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