Patient or Customer Habit Building and Adherence


To provide some best practices and/or case studies that encourage patient and/or customer habit-building and adherence. These best practices and/or case studies can be related to health but it can be in other industries as well.
Also, to only include case studies about companies that do this offline (without a mobile app) or with a very simple technology or communication methods like emails and text messages. Case studies should be provided in PowerPoint format (i.e., one slide per company and what specifically they do to encourage customer retention/habit-building/adherence). On the slides, we will include the following information: 1. Company Name 2. What kind of product they have 3. How did they encourage their users/customers/patients to build a new habit? How did they remind their users/customers/patients daily? How did they reward their users/customers/patients? 4. Include any reference links/sources 5. Include any helpful photos/screenshots. 6. If available, indicate how successful those initiatives/examples were. This information will be used to encourage a patient to take a type of medication every single day and form a habit.

Early Findings

Best Practice: Building Patient Trust

  • According to Dr. Marie Brown, MD, a geriatric and internal medicine specialist at Rush University Medical Center, building patient trust is a way to create connections with patients that support medication adherence.
  • Building trust is important because patients hide their non-adherence when they are admonished for not taking their medicine. Building trust and relationships are ways of getting patients to open up about what they are doing with respect to their adherence. Patients are rewarded by keeping them informed about their progress and praising them, for example, telling a patient that his blood pressure is 190 now but last month it was 210, and if he continues taking his drugs, it could reduce to 180.
  • Creating a shame and blame-free environment helps physicians build trust so that they can discuss treatment plans with their patients and encourage adherence.

Best Practice: Online Support Groups

  • Online support groups encourage greater compliance in patients and help to increase motivation and coping skills to drug usage. Creating a private Facebook group for patients will give them a way to connect with other patients who are managing similar conditions in a private and safe space.
  • Studies have shown that peer-support can increase the chance of patients adhering to their treatment plans.

Case Study: Duolingo

  • This case study has been summarized in the attached PowerPoint Slides.

Summary Of Our Early Findings Relevant To The Goals

  • Our one-hour research provided two best practices that encourage patient and/or customer habit-building and adherence. Also, we provided one case study of a company that uses simple communication methods to build customer habits in PowerPoint Slides.

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