DTC Platforms Business models


Provide a top line overview of the business models, leadership, financials, location, years in business, and core products of the following DTC Platforms: ViaHero; Sprezzabox; Schoola; Priority Bicycles; Ollie; M Gemi; Hatch Collection; Dormify; Codecademy; Briogeo; and Athena Club.

Early Findings


  • ViaHero connects travelers to locals to help them plan their personalized trips in Buenos Aires, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Montreal, New York City, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Rio de Janeiro, Spain, Thailand, and The Philippines.
  • The company was established by Greg Buzulencia and Rachel Hawkes on December 1, 2015.
  • It has raised $995,000 in four funding rounds. The company's latest funding was raised on September 24, 2018.



Priority Bicycles

Summary of Findings

  • In the initial hour of research, we provided the headquarters/locations of each of the 11 companies in the shared spreadsheet. We have also provided some details on ViaHero, Sprezzabox, Schoola, and Priority Bicycles above.
  • Our initial research indicated that these companies are privately-held and hence, do not release their financial information (revenue, sales, profit, etc.). However, their funding information is publicly available.

Research proposal:

Only the project owner can select the next research path.
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