Canadian Environmental Causes Donor Profile


Determine the factors that drive Canadians to donate and the role that technology plays for consumers when donating to environmental causes. Obtain also the core demographic and psychographic profiles of these donors including their digital media habits. The information will be used to develop a report on the Canadian non-profit sector that deals with environmental and wildlife causes.

Early Findings

Canadian Environmental Causes Donor Profile

  • Based on the latest charitable giving report in Canada, around 82% contributed to a charitable or non-profit group.
  • Canadians were observed to donate their time and financial resources to enable their communities to live well.
  • The assistance received from these donors fund several cause-oriented organizations such as environmental-related groups and others.
  • Donors who are over 75 years old contributed bigger amounts to charitable causes as compared to their younger counterparts. They sent an average of $726 to these causes compared to the $531 average from other donors in the country.
  • Those who are 56 years old and above accounted for 47% of all donations for the year.
  • Organizations such as Techsoup Canada are providing a platform to link donors and non-profit organizations to improve the donation process.

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