Research Outline

Hydronium Properties in Skincare Products


To find out the properties of hydronium in skincare products, as well as the efficiency of these treatments.

Early Findings

Properties of Hydronium in Skincare Products

  • Hydronium is used to alter the acidity of skincare products, in order for them to have a similar PH to the skin, which is between 4.6 and 5.6.
  • A higher concentration of hydronium makes a skincare product more acidic while a lower concentration makes it more alkaline.
  • Therefore, the properties of a skincare product can be predicted given its hydronium levels.
  • Concentration is usually measured in moles per liter, also known as molarity (M).
  • In order for skincare products to avoid disrupting the skin's natural acidic layer, they need to have a PH as close as possible to the skin's PH.
  • A one-unit drop in PH-value is equivalent to a ten-fold increase in hydronium levels.
  • Hydronium, or H3O+, is the ion that gives acids their properties such as sour taste and corrosiveness.

Efficiency of Hydronium-Based Skincare Treatments