Research Outline

BPO Information


To identify the HQ address, employee count, geographic footprint, C-level executives, and the highest-level person for several BPO companies around the world.

Early Findings

Sykes Enterprises

  • The HQ address of Sykes Enterprises is 400 North Ashley Drive, Suite 2800, Tampa, FL 33602.
  • It employs a total of 54,900 people.
  • The company operates in 72 locations in 23 countries.
  • The company operates in Asia Pacific (Australia, China, India, Philippines), Europe, Middle East & Africa (Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom), Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico), and North America (Canada, United States).
  • Their C-level executives include Charles Sykes (President & CEO), Christian Schaffer (SVP, Central & Northern Europe), Dean Van Ormer (SVP of Work at Home Operations for North America), Flora Solera (Chief Operations Officer, LATAM), Jenna R. Nelson (Chief Human Resources Officer), John Kruper (VP, Chief Learning Officer), Kelly Morgan (Chief Customer Officer & GM, SYKES Assistance Services), Lance Zingale (Chief Customer Officer & GM, EMEA), Lynn Loefgren (SVP, Client Management & Development ), Mike Henderson (Chief Operations Officer, NA & APAC), Todd McReynolds (Senior Vice President, Client and Operations Management), and Victoria Georgalakis (SVP, Global Region, EMEA).
  • Their highest-level executive is President & CEO, Charles Sykes. His email address is


  • The C-level executives at [24] include PV Kannan (Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer), Rohan Ganeson (Chief Operating Officer), Dan Reed (Chief Customer Evangelist), John Wanamaker (Chief Revenue Officer), Leonard Stephens (Chief Human Resources Officer), Patrick Nguyen (Chief Technology Officer), and Shanmugam Nagarajan (Co-founder and Chief People Officer).

Summary of Findings

  • Initial research suggests that most of the requested information for each company should be easily available, e.g. HQ address, employee count, geographic footprint, and C-level executives. A few pieces of information might be unavailable for some companies, e.g. organizational chart, and contact information for highest-level executive.
  • The highest-level executive for each location/office for the companies would be largely unavailable due to the nature of the information and also because the companies are not legally bound to produce such information for public viewing.
  • Detailed information for each company can be compiled in a Google Slides presentation and a Google Sheets spreadsheet, as requested.