Research Outline

Helpers to Build a City for Gamers


To compile a list of people or companies such as those who are doing larger-scale creative real estate projects in order to find helpers to build a city for gamers.

Early Findings

Our research on possible helpers to build a city for gamers revealed insights. Here are some key pieces of information we found:

Possible Helpers to Build a City for Gamers

  • International Theme Parks Services is "a leader in the theme park and amusement industry" that provides consulting services with practical knowledge and hands on experience. As leisure development consultants, they offer "the critical steps needed to develop a project, including feasibility analysis, concept design, master planning, schematic design, design development, pre-opening operations planning, and on-going management."
  • ITEC Entertainment is "a global industry leader of award winning themed entertainment solutions that ignite the dreams of people all over the world." Some of the types of projects that ITEC Entertainment does include: theme parks, cultural attractions, real estate development & mixed use, and entertainment centers. This company specializes in helping with planning, creative design & content development, entertainment technology, project development, and media production to bring every project to completion.
  • Thinkwell Group is "a global design and production agency creating custom, content driven experiences in the physical world." This group specializes in "the creation and master planning of theme parks, destination resorts, major branded and intellectual property attractions, and events & spectaculars around the world." Key capabilities of the Thinkwell Group include creating original and behind-the-scenes marketing content for video game properties, crafting custom media for location-based entertainment, and developing branded celebrity-driven campaign content.