Research Outline

Outdoor Fitness Fundraisers


To provide a detailed analysis of the Peer to Peer fundraising industry, its obtainable markets, and its relationship with the fitness industry, specifically the best locations and time of year to run an outdoor fitness type challenge as a fundraiser in the US. Factors to be considered should include the fittest areas in the US, time of year to undertake fitness activities', and preferences regarding exercise type and location. This should be leveraged against the demographic and areas that make the most charitable donations and the time of year they do so.

Early Findings

  • Based on the prevalence of obesity and the number of gyms in the state, the ten fittest states in the US are:
  • Colorado has held the title of the fittest state in America for the last ten years. Despite the number of gyms in the state, Colorado residents have a preference for outdoor activities. The state has the lowest rate of obesity and adult diabetes in the US and the highest rate of physical activity.


  • In our initial hour of research, we have spent time scoping the availability of information to answer the research goals. We do not believe research into the advertising spend of gyms would be beneficial, as this information is unlikely to be in the public domain.
  • Based on our scoping, we suggest the following research path.