Samsara Luggage


Identify and provide a competitive landscape on four competitors to Samsara Luggage.

Early Findings


  • The carry-on retails for $450.
  • On its website, the Samsara carry-on bag is rated five out of five stars, with 82 reviews. Customers say: "The suitcase has it all to make my next trip smooth and pleasurable" and "I like the look of the aluminum exterior, and I like the simplicity of setup for the smart unit. I like all the compartment bags, always useful!"
  • The suitcase has received many mentions in the press, including being named "Best smart luggage of 2019 by Forbes and "Suitcase from the future" by Travel + Leisure.
  • Competitive advantages of Samsara include its sleek design, business-friendly features, that it meets air-line standards for carry-on bags, its security features, that it is lightweight, and IoT connected for effortless tracking.


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