Research Outline

E-commerce Platform Competitive Landscape


Analyze the viability (key considerations in advance of marketplace selection and how to fit/complement business practices), listings (steps to gaining a listing and cost considerations), produce listing support (advertising, in page management including layout, copy, images, best practice principles, and payment terms), fulfillment (logistics considerations, labeling, and distribution requirements), consumer support (after sales returns, feedback and considerations for best practice, and terms of communication between company and marketplace) for Amazon, Wholefoods, Alibaba, Walmart, Ocado,, Ebay, Ozon/Yandex, and "Background: I am an entrepreneur looking to understand the best e-comm retailers to sell my brand on." Findings should be presented in a written brief.

Early Findings



  • Brand Tools:
    • A+ Content : showcase the brand story and products with images and text.
    • Stores: free, self-service, branded destination for curated content.
    • Sponsored Brands: increase traffic and engagement with cost-per-click ads.
    • Brand Dashboard : brand management tool.
    • Brand Registry : protection tool to represent the brand and report violations.
    • Transparency: item-level tracing service.


Produce Listing Support

  • Page layout options:
    • Title : 200 characters max
    • Images : 500 x 500 or 1,000 x 1,000 pixels
    • Variations : different colors, scents, sizes, etc.
    • Bullet points : short, descriptive sentences highlighting key features and benefits
    • Featured offer ("Buy Box") : detail page, add to cart, or “Buy Now”
    • Other offers : The same product sold by multiple sellers offering a different price, shipping options, etc.
    • Description : keywords improve the chances that people will find listings


  • Fulfillment can either be done through Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) or be fulfilled by the seller.

Consumer Support

  • Returns are processed through Amazon customer support for FBA, however, "return value will be $0 for users who select Fulfillment by seller. "
  • Terms and Conditions can be found here.