Research Outline

Macadamia Nut Importers/Exporters


To establish a list of three exporters (to the US) of fresh Macadamia nuts and a list of three major importers, wholesalers and/or distributors (in the US) who deal in fresh Macadamia nuts .

Early Findings


Green Farms Nut Company

  • "Founded in 1991, Green Farms Nut Company has been around since the industry’s infancy. We are proud to have grown from being one of South Africa’s first processing factories into one of the countries leading macadamia businesses. Together with our longevity and wealth of knowledge we have built a network of partners that spans farming operations in the key growing territories of South Africa, Australia, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Brazil. The processing factories surpass global food safety standards and are kitted with state-of-the-art technology. As an industry leader we continue to invest into the future."
  • The company's Facebook page can be viewed here.
  • General email communications can be sent to
  • Barry Christie (GFNC's Group Agricultural Technical Manager ) can be reached via email at and Logistics Manager, Lizette du Plooy 's email is
  • The physical address for GFNC is 25 Palm St, White River, 1240, South Africa.
  • The main phone number (in South Africa) is +27 13 751 1686

Macademia Brazil

  • Macademia Brazil works with small to medium-sized growers to export their crops.
  • "Simple but experienced and dedicated people, devoted to help maintain quality and developing long term relationships with producers, buyers and consumers worldwide."
  • The company's physical address is Avenida Paulista 1079 , 7th Floor, São Paulo - SP , 01310-200 , Brazil
  • Their Brazilian direct phone is +55-11-2787-6267 though they have a US-based exchange as well, 407-216-0524.
  • General email inquiries can be sent to

Macadamia Processing Company / Marquis Macadamias

  • Macadamia Processsing Company's factory in "Alphadale in Northern New South Wales produces the world’s finest quality wholesale macadamias for the ingredient and retail markets around the world."
  • It appears that the company is going through a name change, to Marquis Macadamias.
  • General email inquiries should be directed to and their phone number is (Australia) is +61 2 6624 3900,
  • Their physical address is 2 Cowlong Road , Lindendale , New South Wales, 2480, Australia.


According to TradeFord, there are dozens of importers of macadamia nuts in the United States, though it must be noted that all listing on the referenced page are not necessarily macadamia importers. Additional importers were sourced, in part, by reviewing incoming shipment data.

Mudra Global

  • Mudra Global is a worldwide importer/exporter with a US operation based in Miami, Florida.
  • Address: 4300 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 203, Miami, Florida 33137.
  • Phone: (321) 978 2392
  • Emails: /

Sunrise Natural Foods

JF Braun & Sons, Inc.

  • JF Braun & Sons, Inc. is a "leading supplier of dried fruits and nuts to food manufacturers, confectioners and bakers around the world."
  • Address: 2 Slater Dr, Elizabeth, NJ, 07206-2128
  • Phone: (908) 393-7400
  • No email address was located.