Email vs Direct Mail


To find case studies of B2B companies that have tested email vs direct mail for selling an extended service plan (or a similar service) to existing customers in order to evaluate channels between email, direct mail, and telemarketing for campaigns to sell extended service plans to B2B customers.

Early Findings


  • Zogics is a B2B company that provides a one-stop-shop for all the supply needs of fitness facilities. Their clients include fitness facilities in gyms, hotels, schools, and government. Zogics serves over 30,000 facilities.
  • After implementing email marketing and marketing automation, Zogics found some of their clients had stopped purchasing.
  • Zogics developed action-based creatives with huge offers and calls to action.
  • They produced large-format postcards and plugged them into HubSpot Workflows to enable automatic sending when contacts reached the step where they called for a postcard to be mailed to them and they tracked engagement per contact.
  • The direct mail campaign led to a 500% increase in ROI and a 140% rise in order volume.

Advantages of Direct Mail Over Email

  • According to the Direct Marketing Association, 4.4% of direct mails are responded to compared to just 0.12% response rate for emails.
  • Sending emails costs very little investment, time, or energy while direct mails cost significant investment and time. Therefore, clients place more value on direct mails and they are viewed as more trustworthy. No one is afraid of a computer virus attack when opening a direct mail package.
  • Around 10% more percentage of people would visit the website of a company after getting direct mails than emails.
  • For B2B marketers, much less competition exists when sending direct mail compared to email. And, since recipients do not become interrupted by incoming emails when opening their direct mail package, they can focus more on comprehending the information.

Summary of Findings

Our initial research produced a case study of a B2B company that sells products. We also provided insights that show the advantages of direct mail over email. Further research is required to find case studies of B2B companies that sell extended service plans to B2B customers.

Proposed next steps:

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