Mothers' Day Campaigns


Determine the most impactful Mothers' day campaigns within the last 5 years. The information will be used to brainstorm for a campaign on Mother's Day.

Early Findings

Mothers' Day Campaign

Budweiser: The Real MVP

  • The Mothers' Day campaign from Budweiser in 2018 was considered as outstanding due to its elements that made it a platonic version of typical Mothers' Day advertisements.
  • The campaign considered mothers as the real MVP in their children's lives.
  • The campaign shows an adult man in the person of NBA All-Star Kevin Durant.
  • Mr. Durant is seen honoring his mother with his MVP acceptance speech. The advertisement then features scenes showing other famous personalities with their mothers.
  • The advertisement elicited laughter when Mr. Durant's mother gave a voice-over where she dispensed some motherly advice that were interspersed with basketball play scenes.
  • The song "No One" by Alicia Keys was featured as Wanda Durant mentioned that she coached her son to be hardworking to attain his goals.
  • She also advised Mr. Durant to gain new friends, treat others respectfully, and show his authentic self.
  • The advertisement also appealed to the emotion due to the rousing music and sentimental elements.
  • In, the advertisement got a 97% positive sentiment rating and a 7.6 engagement rating.

Proprietary Database Search Results

In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.

Summary of Findings:

  • Our one hour of research provided an impactful Mothers' day campaigns within the last five years.
  • We considered the campaign as impactful due the overall positive sentiment toward the advertisement that we found in several articles.

Proposed next steps:

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We propose to continue with the research to provide 3-5 of the most impactful Mothers' day campaigns within the last 5 years. We will focus on those campaigns that have received positive feedback or those with success ratings. For each example, we will provide the campaign, the elements of the campaign that are the most impactful for mothers and their children, positive sentiments toward the advertisement, and any available success indicator of the campaign. We will focus more on providing U.S.-based examples.
We also recommend undertaking additional research to provide 2-3 best practices that should be followed when launching marketing campaigns on Mothers' Day. For each best practice, we will explain what the practice is, why is it a best practice, and any available success metrics.