Research Outline

Professional Painting Services


To provide an understanding of professional painting services including: the nature of the painting professional network, and any regional or national professional painting services providers. This information will help in the creation of a tool that consumers can use to connect with painting professionals based on accurately priced painting jobs.

Early Findings

Professional Painting Market in the U.S.

Other Insights

  • Professional painters are also members of trade associations such as the Painting Contractors Association, and the American Coatings Association (ACA).
  • Companies that offer or facilitate on-demand painting services are on the rise such as Paintzen. Through Paintzen, consumers are able to "pick the perfect color, generate a quote, get matched with the right crew for their job, and book professional painting services for their home or business, all through a single online platform." Paintzen is currently available in over 8 U.S. markets for residential clients including New York, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles.

Summary of Findings

In this preliminary hour of research, we focused on the U.S. and provided insights on the painters' industry in the country. We also provided insights on the major players in the industry, and examples of professional painters' associations, both of which give an idea of how the professional painters are organized. In addition, we also provided an example of an on-demand professional painting service platform that appears similar to what the ultimate goal of the research seeks to address.