Healthcare Brand Campaigns


Obtain best practices and case studies that describe how healthcare brands promote their products in digital, out-of-home (OOH), radio, and TV channels.

Early Findings

Healthcare Marketing Best Practices

  • Healthcare establishments find it challenging to promote their products on digital channels as they need to find a way to reach those who need medical help without breaching any privacy regulations.
  • For digital campaigns, a marketing company that has several healthcare clients mentioned that healthcare firms should look for the right keywords in their digital campaigns. They should look for keyword inspirations from their previous digital campaigns that has brought them success.
  • They should also have a whitelist or a compilation of high-performing sites that will fit the image of the healthcare brand.
  • Healthcare firms should regularly review and improve the list to ensure that it will bring optimal results every time it is used.

P&G's General Campaign Strategy

  • Healthcare is one of P&G's solid segment performer as the brand's sales growth increased by 2% to $7.5 billion in 2017.
  • P&G's marketing strategy for its brands involves strongly communicating the product and its packaging's positive attributes using superior brand messaging.
  • The company aims to launch campaigns that can trigger tits consumers' emotions.
  • P&G's campaigns can make its viewers "think, talk, laugh, cry, smile, act, and of course buy."

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