Pornography Addiction Apps


To establish pornography counter-apps that help addicts overcome pornography and masturbation addiction and habits.

Early Findings


  • rTribe is an app ideal to heal and solve pornography addiction, in addition to other bad habits that may lead to mental illnesses. The app is ideal for people looking for anonymity in their struggles.
  • In this case, users can access specialized real trainers and experts that are professionally equipped with helping people overcome or contain harmful addictions such as pornography.
  • rTribe prioritizes privacy and confidentiality, thus, subscribers do not have to worry about their personality or addiction being exposed.
  • The monthly subscription fee is $40 to access and participate in unlimited chats and keep track of the progress or any relapse.

Stop M

  • The Stop M app is ideal for people addicted to pornography and masturbation.
  • The app doubles up as a personal psychologist as it helps to first identify the root cause of these addictions and their consequences.
  • Stop M app allows members to connect and share their struggles. The app creates a 30 days challenge, where subscribers record their masturbation and pornography watching patterns, in addition to other details of their everyday life such as; their urges, triggers and porn sites visited in a day.

Covenant Eyes

  • Covenant Eyes is an app that helps fight pornography and masturbation addiction by creating a safe space for subscribers.
  • Covenant Eyes removes any triggers that may prompt desire to watch porn or masturbate, thus making it easier for their subscribers to surf or work online.
  • The app monitors subscribers’ activity to get periodic automatic reports generated from screenshots taken randomly throughout the day.

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