Katerra: Competitive Mapping


To provide a competitive mapping of Katerra across their main VP's (service offerings) with a focus on:

Business Levers (VP's) - What do they offer?
Sustainability: Do they focus on sustainability in the way they build new homes?
Pre-Fabrication: Do they use pre-fabrication method in the way they build or are they building in the traditional way?
Contextual Design: Do they use modular design frameworks/templates that they use across their buildings?
Progressive Ownership: Do they offer new ownership models for tenants in the market?
Value Chain: Where in the value chain are the focused? Developer: Responsible for developing the land and deciding what and how to build on the ground and also seen as the project manager Contractor: The entity who is responsible for building on the construction site or Operator: The entity who operates the unit afterwards

To identify who the biggest competitors of Katerra are and how their competitors are differentiating themselves

in order to better understand the competitive landscape, who the biggest competitors of Katerra are, and how the competitors are differentiating themselves.

Early Findings

Our initial research on a competitive mapping of Katerra across their main service offerings revealed insights. Here are key pieces of information we found:

Katerra: Competitive Mapping:

Business Levers/Main Service Offerings

  • Katerra transforms construction through technology for every process and every product.
  • In North America, Katerra offers solutions across the building life cycle that include: End-to-End New Build, Materials & Supply Chain Services, Renovations, and Professional Services.
  • In the Middle East & Asia, Katerra focuses on End-to-End New Build and offers end-to-end services that include: design, manufacturing, and assembly of all building types, specializing in commercial buildings, retail, healthcare, hospitality and housing solutions.


  • Katerra does focus on sustainability in the way they build new homes. Katerra's goal regarding sustainability is "to deliver improved environmental performance, a reduced carbon footprint, and do so without adding costs."
  • By controlling the entire end-to-end building process and making a continual investment in Research & Development, Katerra has "newfound visibility into the full building lifecycle and tremendous potential to address long-standing environmental inefficiencies in building product sourcing, manufacturing, construction, and operation."
  • Katerra is currently focusing their efforts to expand their environmental intelligence in the four primary areas of: Products, People, Operations, and Transparency.
  • There is also a page on Katerra's site devoted to Sustainability at Katerra in 2020 with a Sustainability Series that focuses on the key areas of: Driving operational energy efficiency through technology investments, Driving embodied energy efficiency through materials research and development, and Driving quality and efficiency benefits through the end-to-end Katerra process.

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