Research Outline

Building Turnkey Prefab Homes in The Blue Mountains, Ontario


To find information on the experience of buying land and building a turnkey prefab home in The Blue Mountains, Ontario. Desired information includes information on inputs, permits, turnkey prefab builders

Early Findings

Building Permits

  • The Town of The Blue Mountains, Ontario requires people to have business permits for legal permission "to construct, demolish, or renovate on a property."
  • In the town, building permits, forms, drawings, and all associated documents are submitted electronically in PDF format by email or by using the Town's secure sharefile.
  • To build a municipally serviced dwelling in The Blue Mountains, one must have the following:
  • Application forms - building permit application including schedule 1 designer information, EEDS-performance or EEDS-prescriptive energy efficiency design summary form, town sewer and water connection forms, owner’s authorization form which is required if the applicant is not the owner, and an entrance permit guide.
  • Drawings and information - site plan and/or lot grading plan, HVAC design including heat loss and heat gain summary, roof truss layout, engineered floor system layout including any engineered beams (LVL, PSL, Paralam), and other related documents as applicable/required by the Chief Building Official.

Fees and Charges

  • The fees and charges for acquiring building permits include: building permit fee of $16.00 per square meter ($1.49 per square foot), town development charges, county development charges, water and sewer connection fees of $100.00, civic addressing fee of $250.00, wood-burning fireplace fee of $100.00 , and a water meter fee of $450.00.
  • Town development fees range from $51,552 to $17,435 for single and semi-detached buildings while county development fees are $6,768 for single and semi-detached residential units.
  • A total of all the above fees brings in a range of between $89,020 and $54,903 for a land of size 100 x 200 FT that will be used for residential construction.

Time Range