Popular Articles among Start-up Businesses


To outline popular articles for start-up businesses.

Early Findings

Popular articles for start-up businesses include:
More details are provided in the attached spreadsheet.

Proposed next steps:

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The initial research has outlined some of the popular articles for start-up businesses. The main challenge was finding the number of times each article had been shared or the number of clicks each article had. However, we listed articles from credible sites such as Harvard Business School, The Entrepreneur and New York Times, among others. We recommend research to add 12 more popular articles among start-up entrepreneurs. In this case, we will look for articles published by credible business sites such as Harvard Business Review, among others, with a special interest in the U.S region.
We also propose additional research to identify 4-5 best business magazines of 2020 ideal for start-up entrepreneurs. Examples may include Bloomberg Business Week, Forbes, Wired and Inc, among others.
Further, we propose more research to look into 2-3 business articles or online magazines with a popular social media following. Examples may include the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Harvard Business Review and The Economist, among others. In this case, we shall provide links to their social media pages, how often they engage their audience, the number of followers, and they type of content shared, among others