Research Outline



To provide a profile of Equinix, a competitive landscape, and a trend report for the data center industry. The profile will cover basic data on Equinix, in addition to information on the key services the company offers, the key customers, marketing profile, social media presence, and a media scan covering the previous 12 months. The trend report will look at macro trends for the data center industry, inclusive of COVID-19 impacts, and the competitive analysis will cover the top three competitors to Equinix by providing an overview for each company, their products and services, the target markets, competitive advantage, recent marketing, revenue, and social media.

Early Findings

  • In the North American market, Cloudscene lists Equinix, Digital Realty, Coresite, and Cologix as the top four companies leading the data center ecosystem leaderboard in 2019.
  • Equinix topped the leaderboard for the North American, EMEA, Oceania, and Asia markets.
  • Digital Realty was the only other company in the top four for North America listed for other markets. The company was listed at number 4 and number 8 for the EMEA and Asia markets respectively.
  • Data Center Knowledge reports that both Equinix and Coresite reported strong first quarter earnings, despite having to adjust to COVID-19.
  • The data center industry expects that increased demand for network services will counter the loss of business from sectors heavily hit by COVID-19 stay at home orders.
  • Forecasting demand for data center space is increasingly complex due to uncertainty around how long COVID-19 will be a factor impacting the different types of user.
  • This is due to changes in the demand profile for data centers. Demand for providers of essential services, such as cloud platforms and SaaS providers, has offset declines in usage from the energy and transportation industry.
  • In January 2020, prior to the impact of COVID-19, CRN listed edge computing, continued growth for Amazon Web Services, and changes to the data center strategy of enterprises among its trends for 2020.


  • The initial hour of research focused on providing a list of the top three competitors of Equinix, a brief overview of the impact of COVID-19 on the data center market, and a brief outline of the forecasted industry trends made prior to the impact of COVID-19.
  • Please advise whether continued research should be focused on a global or North American market.