Kolter Homes Competiton


To form a list of Kelter Homes top competition, particularly those with a similar offer to Kolter's new offer, in order to formulate a name for Kolter's new offer and to propose new ideas.

Early Findings

  • A similar product and offering to Kolter's "independent living suite or family retreat for aging parents" is what Lennar (one of America’s leading homebuilders and a Fortune 500 company founded in 1954) offers under the name of "Next Gen."
  • Lennar's Next Gen seeks to balance a family's togetherness and privacy under the same roof, providing private living spaces with a Lennar's Everything's Included® program that includes all the options, extras, and features such new applicanes, home automation, upgraded flooring and counters, at no extra cost.
  • JM Construction, a renowned and award-winning remodeling company who holds themselves to a high standard of excellence in workmanship and quality, has an article posted by their staff on their websiste titled "Home Additions for Aging Parents," which discusses their offers while providing a form for customers to fill out to obtain an estimate.
  • An article although from 2017 from budgetdumpster.com (a Content Marketing Award Finalist in 2018), calls such an addition to the home an "in-law suite," and gives consumers 20 things they need to consider before making such a purchase.
  • This article from fastcompany.com discusses the concept as "multi-generational housing."
  • Across multiple websites containg the topic, such add ons are also referred to as "Mother-In-Law Apartments."

Proposed next steps:

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