Automation-as-a-Service in Hospitals


To better understand how the "as-a-Service" model is being used in high-cost hospital automation, what kinds of equipment/hardware is involved and who owns it, what services are provided, and what payment models are being used through providing specific examples of vendor/client relationships. "Automation" in this context can refer to software automation (e.g., to improve workflows) or equipment-based automation, such as automating hospital pharmacies.

Early Findings

Automation is Software-Domainated

Drivers for Automation-as-a-Service

Note: "Automation-as-a-Service is not a term we find in our sources, but one we have coined to describe the possible range of applications as described in the original project transcript.

  • Recondo Technology proposed "a self-service online price estimator, embedded on the University Health website, that anyone could use" to University Health Care Systems in order to provide price-transparency to prospective patients.
  • According to the 2017 CAQH Index, the lack of automation for business transactions costs the healthcare industry more than $11 billion every year even though 70% of hospitals have adopted revenue cycle management (RCM) technology.
  • The healthcare industry could save $15.5 billion each year if companies processed claims correctly the first time.
  • Labor costs typically eat up more than half of a hospital’s operating revenue, and that costly challenge is poised to increase as organizations face continued pressure to raise salaries and wages.
  • The Institute of Medicine estimates that between 44,000–98,000 patients die each year due to general preventable errors.
  • A heat map of the potential for automation across different healthcare roles can be found here.


  • Recondo is a SaaS company which can embed its AI-driven authorization system, RevSmart, directly within a hospital's native Epic system to realize millions in cash flow improvements. One of their first clients was Bon Secours Mercy Health.
  • Istekki Oy and the health technology company NewIcon Oy have drawn up a framework agreement for six years concerning eMED ICON smart medicine cabinets, which will speed up the automation of pharmaceutical services in hospitals and health centers.

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