High-End Smartphone Customer Journey


To understand the customer journey of buying a high-end smartphone to get a clearer idea of when and where the brands and product features come into play and how big the role is of the provider contract, promotions, and other factors.

Early Findings

During our preliminary research, we were unable to find information regarding the customer journey of purchasing high-end smartphones as a whole. However, we were able to find insights into the customer journey for buying smartphones in general. We were also able to uncover some insights into the customer journey for buying Apple smartphones and Samsung smartphones, which we consider "high-end". Below is an overview of our findings.

Pre-Purchase Research

  • A study conducted by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech in 2014 on the customer journey of smartphones overall found that a lot of customers do pre-pruchase research before buying a smartphone.
  • The strategy used the most, at 25% of respondents was asking friends for advice, followed by visiting the carrier's website (24%), and visiting a website with opinions (roughly 19%).
  • Other strategies included visiting the manufacture's website, asking a store sales person for advice, visiting a comparison website, reading reviews in magazines, visiting social networks, and using mobile/smartphone catalogs.
  • The study also found that 30% of respondents did NO pre-purchase research.
  • Of those who did no pre-purchase research, consumers purchasing Apple’s iPhone are the ones doing the least amount of research.
  • The three reasons the customer's gave for not doing research when it came to the iPhone were loyalty through experience, advocacy, and brand strength,


  • Based on the same study from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, more people buy their smartphones from brick and mortar stores (64%) over online purchasing (24%).
  • To prove that recommendations play a major role in purchasing decisions, the study also found that 63% of customers were recommended to purchase a Samsung smartphone. Of those who were recommended 59% actually purchased one.

Driving Factors

  • The study also found that the most sought after functions when it comes to purchasing a smartphone was 4G/LTE capabilities (52%), followed by reliability/durability (roughly 40%), and camera quality (roughly 35%).
  • Other factors included battery life, availability of dual SIM, sound quality, storage capacity, quality/speed of the processor , and clarity/resolution of the screen.
  • The most sought after design factor was the screen size (42%), followed by design attractiveness (roughly 25%) and material quality (roughly 20%).
  • Other design factors included ability to personalize the phone and the color of the phone.

Proprietary Research

  • In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.

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